Traditional Dishes

A selection of best loved dishes in restaurants throughout the country

Chicken Tikka Masala / Tandoori King Prawn Masala (D) (N)

Barbecued chicken cooked in thick rich mild sauce with cream and almonds (or with king prawns)


Stir-fried with onions, tomato and green pepper in a hot chilli sauce

Chicken/ Lamb Tikka (D)

King Prawns (D)


Curry Cooked with spinach, roasted garlic, cumin & coriander seeds, medium spiced

Chicken/ Lamb

King Prawn


A delicately spiced mild dish cooked in coconut, cream and almonds

Chicken/ Lamb (D) (N)                                                 

King Prawns (D) (N)                                                 


A hot sweet and sour dish prepared with tomatoes, chilli and fresh herbs and lentils


King Prawn                                              

Lanka-ka-dum Biryani

House special biryani, slow cooked with the finest spices, fresh herbs, purified butter and then baked with the highest quality basmati rice. Served with vegetable and lentil curry

Saffron Chicken (N) | Mughal Lamb (N) | King Prawns (N)


V = Suitable for Vegetarians, G = Contains Gluten,
D = Contains Dairy, N = Contains Nuts