Tandoori Dishes

These dishes are clay oven cooked/char-grilled dry dishes served with house salads

Shaslik (D)

Diced Chicken tikka grilled with succulent tomatoes, mixed pepper and whole onion

Tandoori King prawn Shaslik (D)

Succulent king prawns delicately seasoned with herbs and spices barbecued in tandoori, with roasted peppers

House mixed grill (D)

Combination of chicken & lamb tikka, sheik kebab, king prawn and tandoori chicken all in fine marinades, flame-grilled in clay oven

Indian Salmon Steaks (D)

Salmon fillets marinated in mild tandoori masala spices, chargrilled in clay oven, served with roasted aubergine

Kashmiri Lamb Chops

Lamb chops slow cooked in Kashmiri spices and fresh herbs, finished off on the grill


V = Suitable for Vegetarians, G = Contains Gluten,
D = Contains Dairy, N = Contains Nuts