Side Vegetables

Onion Bhaji

Onion strips bound together with chickpea flour

Punjabi Cabbage

Cabbage stir-fried using minimum but distinctive spices

Chana Masala (D)

Chickpeas cooked in masala sauce

Sag Allo

Spinach and Potato cooked with herbs

Okra Bhaji

Okra with light spices

Tarka Dall

Mildly spiced Lentils tempered with garlic

Brinjal Bhaji

Fresh baby aubergines in spices

Bombay Allo

Potatoes cooked in spices and herbs


Sag Paneer (D)

Indian cheese with spinach, mildly spiced

Gunpowder Potato

Crushed potato with roasted chilli, spring onion and lemon


V = Suitable for Vegetarians, G = Contains Gluten,
D = Contains Dairy, N = Contains Nuts