Poultry & Lamb

Chicken or Lamb Garam Masala (D)

Braised Lamb or char-grilled chicken simmered in hot spices, generous amount of fresh spices in thick mouth-watering Sause

Lamb Shank Nawabi

Lamb shank slow cooked in fine spices, fresh herbs, plum tomatoes with a hint of chilli in a thick onion herb gravy

Chicken or Lamb Tenga Mita (D)

Succulent pieces of braised lamb or char-grilled chicken simmered in rich spices, mango and lime souse with lots of fresh herbs

Komola Lamb (D) (N)

Tender slow braised lamb cooked in saffron and mild spices, almonds, sultanas with fresh orange and orange zest simmered in fresh cream

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Green Mosalam Chicken (D) (N)

Strips of char-grilled chicken tikka cooked in a exotic mix herb, fresh green chilli, lime juice with pickle pesto and roasted cumin

Lamb Hari Mirchi

Slow braised tender lamb generously spiced, exotic herbs, orange and lime zest with dry chilli and a hint of ghost chilli pickle

Gurkha’s Revenge

Chicken tikka marinated in spices, cooked with minced lamb, ghost chilli and fresh herbs in a dry hot sauce

Murgh Makhani | Authentic Butter Chicken (D)(N)

Tender marinated tandoori chicken striped of the bone, drenched in an incredible creamy sauce of tomatoes and spices.


V = Suitable for Vegetarians, G = Contains Gluten,
D = Contains Dairy, N = Contains Nuts