Condiments / Starters / Light Grills

Poppadum (Plain or Spicy)

Thin crisp made from lentil & chickpea flour

Assortment of Tikka & Kebab (D)

Mixture of Grilled chicken, lamb tikka and sheek kebab, all medium spiced, flame cooked in clay oven

Vegetarian Platter (D) (G)

Tandoori Paneer (Indian cheese), Onion Bhaji & Samosa on a bed of mixed leaf salad

King Prawn Puree (G)

King Prawns simmered in medium spices, fresh herbs and served on thin fried Indian bread

Coconut Crab Malabar (D) (N)

White crab meat with coconut and pineapple tossed in with spring onions and mild spices, our twist on a classic south Indian dish

Samosa (G)

Fresh Vegetable or lamb wrapped in pastry and fried until golden brown

Mixed Seafood Platter (G) (D)

Large tandoori king prawn, grilled salmon steak in masala spices & Sea bass fillet grilled with roasted garlic and mustard, served with mixed leaf salad

Tandoori Halloumi (V) (G)

Salty halloumi marinated with mint, light spices & herbs then roasted until soft, served with tamarind dip

Sheek Kebab

Spiced minced lamb mixed with sweet peppers & tomato and chilli flakes, flame-grilled in tandoor oven, hot & spicy!


V = Suitable for Vegetarians, G = Contains Gluten,
D = Contains Dairy, N = Contains Nuts